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Exhibition and lecture “harmonical aspects” by Peter Kuyper
foryouandyourcustomers, Keizersgracht 205 III, 1016 DS Amsterdam

Invitation to the opening on Apil 14, 2016, at 6.00pm

Peter Kuyper was born in 1942 in Utrecht (Netherlands) and after 1954 grew up in Switzerland. Already at a young age he was fascinated by the group de Stijl, which pursued the complete abandonment of traditional art’s principles of representation in order to define a new, entirely abstract symbolic language based on a few elementary principles of artistic design. Besides studying architecture in Lausanne and Zurich, Peter Kuyper also took drawing classes at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne. His departure from academia was followed by an intensive examination of modern jazz and the works of Johannes Itten, Josef Albers, and Richard Paul Lohse. This led him into the direction of concrete painting. His later work as an architect with notable Zurich firms, such as at Prof. Walter Custer, reinforced his affinity and love for design and color. For him, painting is a means to realize creative thoughts. Before a work is implemented in actual matter, it exists — based on its rules and principles — already in complete form inside the mind. The work of Peter Kuyper is a consistent expression of harmonical measures and laws which give structure to the design systems while bringing them to life through artistic means.

Harmonikale Stufe 2, erstellt 08.09.2015

Visit the exhibition from April 14 untill Oktober 2016 after prior appointment by phone at *31 20 370 94 14
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